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Transfer of Energy Instructional Unit
Heat Flow
Investigate how to alter heat flow
  • Trial I: Mixing the bath water just right
  • Trial II: Reaching equilibrium in temperature
  • Trial III: Using insulation to prevent heat flow
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Potential and Kinetic Energy
Examine the movement and energy of a cart as it rolls up and down a ramp
  • Trial I: Rolling a cart down a hill
  • Trial II: Changing the starting height of the cart
  • Trial III: Bouncing a cart down and up a hill
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Heating with Electricity
Investigate heating with electrical devices
  • Trial I: Cranking with a Genecon
  • Trial II: Heating with a battery
  • Trial III: Heating with a light bulb
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Forms of Energy: Single Transformations
Investigate the benefits of changing one form of energy into another form of energy
  • Trial I: Storing electrical energy
  • Trial II: Using stored electrical energy
  • Trial III: Heating with sunlight
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Forms of Energy: Multiple Transformations
Investigate how energy can be transformed through several steps to obtain a useful form
  • Trial I: Electricity from the sun
  • Trial II: Cranking up the lights
  • Trial III: Remote lifting
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