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How to Use This Web Site:
The Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science investigations cover motions and forcesand transfer of energy. There are 5-6 investigations in each area.

A student investigation has these main parts, the investigation contents:

  • Introduction - states the discovery question and outlines objectives
  • Thinking About the Question - provides information about the science addressed
  • Materials - lists the probes and supplies needed
  • Safety - lists warnings and cautions concerning the investigation
  • Trials - provides general guidelines that indicate how to carry out the investigation
  • Technical Hints - specifies helpful hints while using the technology
  • Analysis - provides possible graphs and calculations that can help you interpret data
  • Further Investigation - provides suggestions for additional, deeper investigations

At the bottom of each investigation page, there are three buttons:

  • back or next - use these to page through the investigation
  • investigation contents - return to the investigations's main parts

To choose a new student investigation, click on the green investigation button at the top of all pages.

Compressed Files

Some activities have materials which are linked from the Web site in a compressed or "stuffed" format. These files, available for Macintosh operating system only, may have an filename extension of "sit.hqx" which require a program like StuffIt Expander to decompress them once you have downloaded the file to your computer.

Web Browser Recommendation

To take most advantage of this site's offerings, it is recommended that you use at least Netscape Navigator 3.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+.

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