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TEEMSS Data Collection

CCProbe works with the new CCA2D2 v2 interface and probes developed for TEEMSS and combines sensor visualization, analysis, and calibration component along with a Lab Notebook in which activities can be placed by a teacher and probe data and reports can be saved by students. An individual Lab Notebook can be easily moved between handheld and full-size computer systems. The major operating systems include PalmOS, WinCE, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Specific platforms include the Palm IIIc, the iPaq H3650, Casio E-125, and HP Journada Pocket PCs, along with MacOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

Any questions relating to research should be directed to Stephen Bannasch (stephen@concord.org), the head of technology for this project.

TEEMSS data collection probeware includes:

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