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TEEMSS Contributors

Concord Consortium

  • Robert Tinker, PI, curriculum and technology development
  • Carolyn Staudt, project manager and head of curriculum development
  • Stephen Bannasch, head of technology development
  • Shari MetCalf, head of research
  • Scott Cytacki, head of software development
  • Ed Hazzard, curriculum and technology development
  • Melissa Chatfield, research
  • Dimetry Markman, software development


Fourier is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-tech, high quality products for the information technology education market. Fourier has manufactured the TEEMSS interface boxes and probe sets for the pilot and online school sites.


In May of 1999, ImagiWorks released several products built on top of a core technology called the ImagiProbe™ system. The ImagiProbe system combines hardware and software that enables users to connect sensors to Palm OS-based computers and collect, display and analyze data in real time. Through the TEEMSS project, ImagiWorks has develped a version of ImagiProbe that utilizes self-contained curriculum and assessment.

Palm Education Division

The Palm PEP research grant program encourages best practices and the integration of technology into teaching and learning. Through this grant, TEEMSS was awarded 470 Palm IIIc handheld computers. These computers are being distributed as classroom sets to all pilot and online school sites.


SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning (CTL) teamed with Palm for the PEP grant program. CTL is administering the program as well evaluating the uses, experiences, and effectiveness of Palm handhelds in K-12 teaching and learning. The research results will add to the knowledge of "best practices" for the entire learning community.


Funding for curriculum, research, and technology develpment was awarded by the National Science Foundation for the current TEEMSS project through the Elementary and Secondary Informal Education division of the National Science Foundation (Grant No. 9986419). The current TEEMSS project is a research and demonstration project designed to gather solid data on the educational value of low-cost probeware.


The Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT) is a distributed center designed to serve as a national resource for stimulating research on innovative, technology-enabled solutions to critical problems in K-14 learning. As a member of CILT, the Concord Consortium heads the Ubiquitous Computing center. Their support of past handheld computer projects and the present TEEMSS project has provided a much needed collaborative network to continue research.

Matthew Cruz & Associates (matthewcruz@mediaone.net)

Matthew Cruz & Associates specialize in many aspects of Multi-Media development ranging from Palm Application Development, Macromedia Director and Shockwave Applications, Interactive Animations and Simulations, Graphic Arts including Web design and development, Information Design, and Illustration Graphics.

  • Matthew Cruz, Senior Software and Multimedia Development Manager, beaming capabilities of CC LabBook and images management, processing, and quality control

  • Ian Tadashi Moore, Graphic Artist and Digital Designer

Walter Lenk, Consulting Engineer

Walter has worked on the electronic design of several of the probes and the CCProbe interface as well as writing the CCProbe Interface firmware and manufacturing testing software.

Darius Miller, Consulting Engineer

Darius is the lead engineer responsible for the design and prototype manufacturing of the CCProbe Interface and its probes.

TechnoFrolics, Protototype Fabrication

TechnoFrolics, a small prototyping design firm in Somerville MA helped fabricate a number of mechanical elements for the CCProbe Interface and probes.Phillips Precision, Machinist

Phillips Precision, a small CAD/CAM machining firm in Boylston MA manufactured the heat cell, force probe prototypes and the CDROM wheel hubs.

Pilot School Sites

The following teachers have attended a week-long workshop and helped develop the curriculum and technology for TEEMSS throughout the 2001 and 2002 school years. Their patience and diligence has driven this project to achieve its goal by providing a useable curriculum that supports inexpensive probeware for the classroom.

Brookline, MA
  • Pierce School, Joanne Amico, pilot teacher
  • Devotion School, Katie Brandano, pilot teacher
  • Heath School, Caryn Kovacs, pilot teacher
  • Lawrence School, Susan Lunin, pilot teacher
  • Runkle School, Katherine Marsh, pilot teacher
  • Baker School, Paul Masi, pilot teacher
  • Driscoll School, Jim Parzielle, pilot teacher
  • Lawrence School, Sue Zobel, pilot teacher

Boston, MA

Jeremiah E. Burke School, Bob Blacker, pilot teacher

Maynard, MA

Fowler School, Deb Roussell, pilot teacher

New York, New York
  • Mott Hall School, Mercedes Diez, pilot teacher
  • Mott Hall School, Ken Harris, pilot teacher
Adelaide, AU
  • Unley School, Glen Arthur, pilot teacher
  • Grange School, Kath Bridges, pilot teacher
  • La Fevra School, Peter Mclaren, pilot teacher
  • Unley High School, Brian Parsons, pilot teacher
Tel-Aviv, IS
  • Yad Giora School, Gabi Arad, pilot teacher
  • Mitzpe Ramon School, Gabriel Berman, pilot teacher
  • Haamakim Tavor School, Roy Akavia, pilot teacher

Online School Sites

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